Inspired by The Lord of the Rings-Tolkien

He still remembers the scene very well on a day of spring cool breeze, hot sunny day. There were 20 men customers who were desperately searching for temporarily lover as one night pleasure, standing in the hall at cafe called “Endless Despair”, looking at the girls with “Eye of the Dead Fish”. Jimmy also used to be just one of them before. 17 young girls were just waiting for somebody ask her to go outside for “Date” with earning some money. One day she was sitting at the seat of No. 18, to the corner of secret membership cafe, especially attending on the weekend, wearing summer clothes, waiting for somebody to talk. Jimmy noticed that she gave many rejections to the lonely guy customer who asking her to have a  date with. God only knows why that she had done to do so. She kept watching her own iPhone vaguely with gloomy face while maybe she was typing something for LINE. Unlike another girls, she never ever took the light snack, kind of chocolate, candy, potato chip which equipped at the cafe. Suddenly her intellectual and sophisticated atmosphere strongly attracted Jimmy’s deadly wounded  fragile weak heart. She could not see anybody guys from her women side through “special mirror glass”. But he could see her very well from mens side by see-through glass, she was well recognized from her head to toe except her face under the mask. Instinctively he felt that it was the high time to say “Hello” to her. ”Now or  Never”..whispering in his mind, secretly.

Falling  Love  at “First Sight”

Sometimes, at somewhere, there is probability..

It may happen to anybody..

Trying to survive with those sweet REMINISCENT, once 256 angels came down from the heaven to save his life, however they had gone with the wind, suddenly vanished without saying anything.

“Do not go far away from me..

Will you do me a favor, pls.”

“Where are you right now..?”

“Can’t see you..”